Monday, 14 July 2014

The Nudes

Nudes are a 'must-have' in any makeup collection and it can be a complete mission to find the right shades for your skin tone. In my opinion, it is important to get a pinky tone that compliments your skin rather than going for the completely erased lips look. A good nude should enhance the colour you have naturally and allow any other bold makeup choices to shine through.

I very rarely go for a really bold makeup look, I like to keep my tones quite earthy and natural so nudes are a very large part of my lipstick collection. My top two most used nudes have to be from Rimmel, the first one, Rimmel Kate 03, is one of the oldest lipsticks I own and it has made me proud on many occasions. The 03 is the most peachy toned of my nudes and I prefer to use this one when I have a really bold eye as it mutes out my lips enough to let the eyes pop. 

The second of the amazing Rimmel nudes is my most recent purchase, Rimmel Asia. This one is a more muted rose shade and is great if you want to go for that slightly darker 90's nude that seems to be fairly popular at the moment. 

When I'm looking something a little warmer I reach for my only Maybelline lipstick, the Color Sensational lipstick in Velvet Beige. I bought this when I had chocolate brown hair and wanted something to compliment my new hue. It is very similar to Asia, but with a stronger pink undertone, which also makes it a little lighter. 

Finally, we have the MAC lipstick, a lipstick collection post just isn't the same without a cameo from MAC. This was the first ever MAC lipstick I bought and we had a bump start. At first I didn't like how it applied and clung to the dry patches on my lips, but now we've established a rhythm and it has become one of my favourite nudes. Definitely a more pink toned nude, I prefer to apply this and blend it out with my finger to give it a more natural look. 

All of my nudes have a very creamy moisturising texture as I have dry lips and nothing makes a lipstick look un-natural like when it is clinging to all your dry parts. I have a range of tones to suit any hair colour as I'm a bit of a hair dye fiend, which you might have noticed if you watch my YouTube videos. It really is important for a nude lipstick to enhance what you already have, I'm all about the natural beauty. 


  1. So pretty! nudes are my favourites (and such essentials!)
    What colour is that by MAC? It's gorgeous

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

  2. I adore the MAC creme cup; it was my first MAC lipstick too and I never get tired of it. The Kate Moss lipstick looks like a really pretty everyday shade xx

  3. I had that problem with MAC lipsticks too. I make sure I moisturise my lips with lip balms all the time now when I'm not wearing- this seems to have helped :) I use one called Faux, although it's slightly darker... I did try nudes, but they make my lips disappear into my already pale face!!!


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