Friday, 5 September 2014

How To Get Strated With MAC

There was a time, a very very long time ago, when there was not a tiny bit of MAC in my collection. When you first start to dabble in the world of high-end makeup, the feeling that you have absolutely no idea what your talking about is ever present. Sales assistants will approach you and ask you what kind of 'finish' you would like or what 'formula' you prefer. Maybe to some, these questions would seem like simple, common sense type questions, but for a makeup newbie it's like asking someone to multiply 3457 by 2884.

MAC is one of the most renowned makeup brands of the high-end world, they are known for their amazing quality and accessibility to both the professionals and the regular Joe. So on your first trip to a MAC counter, what do you look for? What products should you start your new MAC collection with?

I started off with a 15x palette and 1 eyeshadow and I've never looked back. If you are looking to just dabble a bit, start off with eye shadows, you can never have too many eyeshadows. MAC offer a huge range of different shades ranging from matte neutrals to shimmery brights so there's bound to be a shade that catches your eye. If you're still a tad bit apprehensive, aim to build up a solid neutral palette filled with great everyday shades you know you'll get use out of.

If your more of a skin person than an eye makeup person, start off with some of their highlighters or blushers. I wouldn't recommend diving straight into the foundations as that's where the scary words like 'formula' and 'finish' come in and you have to stand there and nod like you know what your doing. That isn't to say you cant try them, have a mooch around and test a few on your hand, then when you think you might have found one you like, ask for a sample and take it home to give it a good test run.

The MAC counters are always a scary place, there's usually a few girls wearing a mountain of makeup and it's always super crowded. Don't be afraid to ask question, don't be afraid to give things a good swatching and don't be afraid to ask for samples, it's usually the only way to find out if a product will work for you before buying it. Once you feel confident enough you can really get stuck in and try out a few lipsticks, cream products or finally buy a foundation you've been testing. 

Let me know in the comments below how your first MAC visit went, what products did you buy? And what would you recommend to a MAC newbie? 

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  1. On my first visit to Mac, I bought All That Glitters eyeshadow in pan form - without a palette to put it in! I waited until I had three Mac shadows before I eventually bought a quad haha. I still don't own much Mac as I think they're a tad overrated but there are some little gems hidden away on their stands x

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