Friday, 26 September 2014

Working 24/7

Blogging is currently just a hobby for me, but for anyone who blogs or makes YouTube videos you'll know how much time it takes up. Not only does it take time to take photographs for the post and edit them, but then you also have the time it takes to write the post and promote it. Plus, if you also do YouTube videos like myself, then you have the massive amount of time it takes to set up, film, clear up, edit and upload. 

Doing all these things and having a part-time job can feel pretty hectic, I have no idea how you bloggers with full-time jobs do it! But blogging and working isn't all I do, I also try and do part-time marketing internships and I'm currently designing blogger themes, trying to learn how to code for Wordpress and design blog headers, YouTube and Facebook banners. 

Don't get me wrong though, I'm by no means complaining, if I didn't enjoy every second I wouldn't do it. What does make me chuckle is when friends and family members think I sit in my room and watch YouTube videos all day. On a busy blogging day I will work from 8am till about 7-9pm with a good few mini breaks and food breaks. Sometimes I'll be working on blog stuff from 8am till 4pm have dinner then head to work till about 10-11pm. Even at weekends I take what free time I have and turn it into promo time for my posts and videos or finish off a bit of editing. 

Even though the people around me don't realise how hard I work (and don't get paid for 90% of it) I just laugh it off and carry on. Blogging has already given me so many new skills, opportunities and made me realise my talents in certain creative areas. I love how busy I am all the time, I'm being creative and that's what I want to do with my life. Even if I never get paid for any of it.  

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  1. OMG, this is so me! Everybody always thinks I'm "playing" on the computer when I work! I probably work more than a person who has a full time job where they have to report in for duty to their boss. My job NEVER ends....even on vacation or late at night, it's all day long, 24/7, all the time, editing photos until they're just right, putting up blog posts, coming up with content for every social media site I belong too and I belong to a lot!...trying to think up new ideas for the blog...and on top of that I also have a beauty company I run with designing labels, putting together products, customer service, upkeep of the website and so on and so on. Whew... I really should have a six figure salery. lol...

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